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Skylabase Unique Value Proposition

Africa is a very rich Continent with many poor people. 

         Kofi Annan

Skylabase is here to fight for poverty alleviation by bringing forth high quality, tested, technology solutions in the domains of Finance Management, Health, Education, and Internet.

With good and healthy population, Workforce is available which is what we aim at achieving with the Smart Health platform for patient care management.

With an effective finance management scheme, there is finance growth and availability for investment and entrepreneurship which is what we aim at achieving with the Smart Finance Platform for micro-finance management, Co-operative management, Village lending groups, banks, and personal finance management.

With effective Education management, there is effective guarantee of workforce and transfer of skills from the old to the young. Smart School platform addresses this aspect.

Our main value is we give high tech solutions in software and network for very affordable prices to solve African Tech Problems