Our History

Skylabase is a Technology company that was founded in 2015 by Ayuk Etta Akum in Buea, Cameroon.

With a Computer Engineering background from the University of Buea, the founder has gained experience after working with many  start-ups and start-up incubators such as ActivSpaces in Cameroon. The experience gotten from most of these start-ups and start-up ideas ignited the birth of Skylabase, created to fill in the digital divide gap that Cameroon and Africa is lagging behind.

Skylabase has made remarkable progress since its creation and has attracted many engineers, consultants, business developers, marketers, designers, well-wishers to push the dream. A dream to support emergence in Cameroon and economic stability in Africa by providing qualitative, functional and usable solutions. Skylabase now has a team of 10 made up of Computer engineers, Security experts, Network administrators, designers and business developers who share the dream of Skylabase and are realizing them according to the project plans.

Skylabase as a technology company started its growth with developing usable computer software and making it available at very affordable cost.

Skylabase has made strategic partnerships that are fostering the growth of the company today. Skylabase is a registered start-up company in Cameroon with goal of making their clients and businesses achieve geometric growth in both size and impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute remarkably in the technology sector to the emergence of Cameroon and the economic stability of the Continent Africa. We are building an empire in Africa that will effectively cut down unemployment to a bare minimum by providing numerous job opportunities that require all levels of IT knowledge thus creating a Cameroonian dream in particular and an African dream in general.

We want to alleviate poverty in Cameroon and Africa by improving the living standards of Africans by providing them with jobs, start-up capital, innovative ideas, mentorship, and many more resources they might need. We want to provide smart technology solutions to effectively manage small and large businesses in all domains of life that require management.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the main IT service providers in the African market by 2020 and one of the backbones to Cameroon’s emergence in 2035 and to the economic stability of Africa. We want to compete as a technology company in the world market by 2025 as a branded African technology company providing effective African tech solutions.

Our Team


Ayuk Etta A.

CEO and Founder 

Cynthia 1

Epolle Cynthia

Business Developer


Akoko Bill-Elton

Web Engineer


Awasum Yannick N.

Software Engineer


Obia Remy B.

Network Engineer


Daniel Carlson K.

Software Engineer


Aka Rolence A.

Telecommunication Engineer 


Ndangoh Joseph S.

Software Engineer


Loknjinu Atanga R.

Business Developer

Our Partners

gdg buea