Our Cross Platform Products

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Smart Finance is a cross platform Accounting and Financial Management System. Smart Finance is designed for Banks, Credit Unions, SACCOs, Village Savings Groups, Village Lending Groups, Financial Co-Operatives and core platform architecture. Read More


Smart School is a powerful, user-friendly, highly customizable and easily configurable school management software platform suitable for deployment in primary, secondary, high schools, colleges and universities. Read More


Smart Health is a cross platform Electronic Health Record (EHR) System which can be deployed in health care facilities. It is build to provide an easy to use system which is both modern and solves the basic problems faced by health care establishments. Read More

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Smart POS is a user friendly, touch friendly Point of Sale system which can be deployed with a local or cloud based database. Smart POS presents as features sales with Single through to multi-terminal, multi-warehouse, multi-location installation. Multi database. Read More


Cowork is a web based project management software aimed at helping organizations to host their projects locally or remotely and carry out effective project management and team work. Cowork is intended for small to medium-sized businessed and freelancers. Read More