Smart Health | Changing Health Care

Smart Health is a cross platform Electronic Health Record (EHR) System which can be deployed in health care facilities. It is build to provide an easy to use system which is both modern and solves the basic problems faced by health care establishments. SmartHealth will aid them in effective Health Data Collection, Storage, Analysis, Aggregation, and Availability.

As an output, it will improve health care, clinical research, preventive checks, clinical data management, increase employment, and boost efficiency of health care systems.

Smart Health can be hosted locally  on a desktop computer acting as a server and the health care providers can connect with any terminal machines including laptops, Tablet computers, mobile phones, desktop computers. This eases the process of data collection, data access, replication and distribution in multi-located health care facilities where such electronic systems will be implemented.

A core team of seasoned engineers are responsible for training of health care staff, platform maintenance and addition of new features as deemed by health care users and providers. With the additional help of the international community of developers, Smart Health will continuously be updated and augmented to suit the operational constraints and foster good health care for the population.